SafeDive™, available only through Recreation by Lemmie Jones, is well on its way to being recognized as the safest three-meter competition dive tower available today. The SafeDive tower design is based on years of experience working with aquatic safety experts in order to provide a safe dive tower structure.

Key safety features reduce the risk of injury and make SafeDive stand out as the clear-cut choice for competition diving facilities, high school swim programs, fitness facilities, municipal pools, and water parks:

  • Custom railing safety modifications
  • Surface-mounted safety padding in critical areas that can accommodate all pool gutter styles
  • Safety padding that offers a .60 millimeter PVC liner membrane system

SafeDive also offers numerous other quality features and configuration options: 

  • Full-sized, standard-width stair treads
  • Premium, rust-free RecStep™ stair tread and landing surface option with a 10-year warranty against color fade
  • Stair stringers that can be positioned on the left or right side of the tower, dual, or at the heel
  • Custom-engineered designs to accommodate any manufacturer’s dive board (dive board is provided and considered part of the design) 
  • Tower structure finish in hot-dip galvanized, HD-galvanized painted, or stainless steel
  • Stainless steel hardware fasteners that require minimal maintenance
  • Complete installation services

We also offer SafeDive in a one-meter dive tower version.

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