With creative aquatic play equipment, you have the chance to capture the imaginations of your youngest visitors and create an experience they’ll remember all their lives. From jungles and pirates to fairy tales and sea adventures, we can help ensure your colorful aquatic playground becomes the best-loved feature of your amusement park, rec center, or community pool.

Recreation by Lemmie Jones offers an entertaining and safe lineup of aquatic play equipment and spray structures, featuring:

  • “Raining” structures like palm and apple trees
  • Water curtains that can become interactive as kids duck inside
  • Gigantic buckets that dump water
  • Custom themes

Aquatic play equipment is often combined into themed play expanses. Recreation by Lemmie Jones is committed to helping you choose the right spray structures and tot slides for your space and budget. We’ll get to know your customers and goals so we can create an attraction that will have a broad appeal while either complementing your existing setup or maximizing the footprint of your new project.

We have experience designing and manufacturing both custom aquatic play areas and economical, multi-level structures, which are a great addition to an existing pool.

Above all, our aquatic playgrounds are safe. We take care in determining the correct slide slope, adequate water levels for landing areas, the ideal amount of space between slides to avoid collisions, and many other details. Our kids’ aquatic equipment is recommended for children from 36 inches to 48 inches, always safeguarded by an adult.

Ready to let your imagination run wild?

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